Two story about patient

Posted 2018-06-11 16:07:30

There was a two stories. We meet with my university groupmates several times in a year. Drink local beer, talk, discuss news. I told story which surprised me and my friend told story too. My colleague tolds me first story and I repeated it here. I am not eyewitness of this events but I know main person of story personally. His name is Sergey.

First story

There is a police station near office. There is a forbidden road sign (parking is forbidden) there but some drivers ignore it. For some reasons it gets Sergey under the skin. Other people also dislike it but they take it easier than he. People are patient enough in Russian. People will be annoyed but will not do anything for fixing will not anounce it for authorities. We were brought up. This means like snitch. We swear authorities but will not call him and will describe situation, will not write letters or emails. It seems that Sergey is not be like many. He found out that vehicles belong to authorities and informed them. They ignored him request. He continued to inform, wrote letters, phoned etc. In conclussion he visited authorities (level up). "What do you want?" colonel asked him and he desribed situation. Now place near office is free from vehicles and it is comfortable for all.

Second story

Anton went to work and sometimes met lorry crosing sidewalk. It was a lorry of commercial company. He put up and waited or bypassed it. When winter came it was uncomfortable due to snow. He found driver and asked him for parking. Drivers addressed to manager. Manager said that it is impossible because show paid fine if they will park in other way. Anton found phone number of a hot line and phoned and wrote email. They responded quickly enough and sured him that will take actions. Some time later situation was repeated. He went to police and described situation. They invited him to police and asked for 2 hours. In the end they offered him to call them. There was no solution as Anton think. Next he decided to write in hot line again and attached photos and old emails. He got answer and company apologized for inconvenience about it. They informed that they warn drivers and sent him sms and will fine drivers if they will not follow warning. Since lorry is never crossed the sidewalk and all is ok. Once Anton entered into the cabinet and other colleague came to him and presented chocolate. 'For the lorry,' he said.