Arch Linux instead of Linux Mint

Posted 2018-05-30 08:54:29


This post contains my opinion about changing OS Linux from Mint to Arch.


Vacation. I have old laptop Samsung X20, which I got for free. I repaired FAN and clean cool system at all. Then hdd broke and I asked for a new to my colleages and fortunatelly got it. I used laptop as a typewritting machine. It was so slow so I had a problem with playing video on Youtube. So I removed Mint and installed Arch. It tooks some time but Arch is perfect simple solution for me. Right now I am writing this text from console.

Installing and custimizing Arch

I did it before. I had a problem with WIFI (ipw2200 firmare). Solution was set -D wext foir wpa_supplicant. I knew about hook for dhcpcd that use /etc/wpa_uspplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf by default. Fonts was applied after adding Modules radeon in mkinitcpio.conf. I have been already installed lynx, ssh, mc, grow, python and php. I am happy. There was some problem with documentation. Information is not topical on russian but google rules.


  1. I plan use console as long as possible. lynx is a browser
  2. Add ssh key to server for deploy
  3. Don't use mouse
  4. Write post about my teamlead expirience with my teamlab colleages
  5. Write post about hidden feature of money transfering on