Migrating between environments for wordpress

Posted: 20 Feb 2020 11:15:40

Requirements and task definition

We have a separate install of wordpress in each environment. We’ll need an easy way to sync content between them, through the wordpress GUI (so that this can be done by nontechnical admins). Prove out migrating content between installs. There’s no need to be able to integrate multiple versions or resolve conflicts, but if it’s possible to detect a conflict that would be nice. This should be able to be bi-directional (from eg prod environment into dev or from dev back into prod). More detailed explanation can be found in sitepoint article


I filtered candidates by reading description and list below is more relevant to my task. I decided to not to hide other candidates and placed it to Out of scope list.

  1. WPMerge
  3. WP Sync DB
  4. WPSiteSync for Content + https://wpsitesync.com/ as a premium.
  5. WP Staging + Pro version
  6. UpdraftPlus Migrator

Out of scope

Comparison table

Product Price, $ BiDirectional Sync Trial Notice
WPMerge 147/site Yes No Refund for 14 days.
WP MIGRATE DB PRO 99/site Yes No Refund for 60 days.
WP Sync DB 0 Yes N/A
WP Staging PRO 96 Yes No Refund for 60 days.
WPSiteSync for Content N/A N/A N/A Could not open site, seems unreachable from Russia.
UpdraftPlus Migrator 30/70 Yes via manual restoring. No

All plugins do not support trial version or demo. Seems that WP Staging PRO suits better according to price. But the difference is only 3$ to WP MIGRATE DB PRO. I am not sure I need media files sync feature. I have already used plugin that provide storing media content in Amazon s3 buckets. So I need a tool to sync content between buckets. Media content stores in wordpress as a link. I used WP Sync DB as a trial version of WP MIGRATE DB PRO and it seems working. I am happy to suggest it to my customer. WP MIGRATE DB PRO makes sense to me due to support and updates. So my choice is WP MIGRATE DB PRO for business and WP Sync DB for personal usage. Pay attention that WP MIGRATE DB PRO is not merge content it is replace it at all. For merging content you have to use WPMerge plugin.