Become a tourist in hometown

Posted: 2018-03-05 14:57:51

Xander New impressions gives slomo effect in real life. Usual weekend seem longer, feel relax.So it was this time. We booked a room at the hotel Xander and bought tickets to the theater "Version" for the play "Love in different languages". The children was taken to our parent and then we walked around the city, passing in the shops at the same time. Then we got to the room and were pleasantly surprised by the interior. I think this is the best room I've ever stayed in. We left things and went to dinner. As we walked, I, suddenly, felt yourself like a tourist. That feeling, when you come to the city for the first time, do not know anything, you look around. After the theater we came back to the hotel and ordered breakfast and went to the hammam. I would like to add is the silence, which was so unusual and which I so missed. You forget about it when live in the city, with children.