Cleaning garden near home

Posted: 06.17.2018 17:56:05

There are trash behind my window. Trees is grown up and it is decrease sun light. There are a lot of beer cans, bottles and other trash. I decided to fix it. I can't break trees due to law and I wrote letters to authorities. I am not sure that I'll have got result in the end of summer but I hope. I got answer from authorities over 4 days or kind of and they said that my request was registered and moved to other department. Writting letters is a good idea and I did it for getting experience however it isn't bring closer my plan. So I have thrown about 4 batches with plastic bottles.

I need to buy packets with more volume to throw away more bottles next time. I think 200 litres packates is enough. P.s. Also, I am going to call to plastic collection service and ask for installing container near my flat.


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