18 of March is an election in Russia. Perhaps, it is the first time for a long time when I want to make choice. This post is a reason to express my disagreement with the current situation with Navalny's appeal.He appeals to skip elections because he is not allowed to participate elections. This post will contain my opinion about it and I think that every man always has a choice.

First of all, we have more than one candidates and formally we have a choice at all.

Secondly, I suppose elections in 2018 like an election in 2000 are represented by real candidates and we should consider each of all, read a program, try to know about candidate's team.

I think Zhirinovsky is the nominal candidate. Old experience said he has no chances. KPRF bet to Grudinin instead of Zyuganov and I think it is a good idea.

Pozner program introduced to me Boris Titov and Ksenia Sobchak. I got information about personalities. I like Titov ideas especially Stolypin's club. I read his biography and I am going to read political program. I think he has no lacks and promotion on internet, media. In this case, he can adopt some Navalny experience.

An appeal to ignore elections is a bad idea because choose will be made anyway.

Navalny will skip the elections. I do not want to find a reason but it is a fact. I appeal to find another candidate, consider his program, team and make choice. Make choice less of 2 evils if need.