Must read

  1. The Open Guide to Amazon Web Services



  1. 12 Factor App Checklist Here are some of the practical considerations to determine the 12-factor readiness of an application.

  2. Json Schema Validator



Code review

  1. Google Engineering Practices Documentation This is very valuable documents describes how to do code review.

Google has many generalized engineering practices that cover all languages and all projects. These documents represent our collective experience of various best practices that we have developed over time. It is possible that open source projects or other organizations would benefit from this knowledge, so we work to make it available publicly when possible.

Software development

  1. Run Book. Contains suggested checks and procedures for most non-trivial software systems that can be used as a template to create a Run Book or System Operation Manual (SOM).

Event Sourcing

  1. Designing Event-driven Systems. Very useful conceptually but also obviously a marketing tool for Confluent. Start here.

  2. Designing Data Intensive Applications( Excellent strategic introduction to system architecture.

  3. Building Microservices. Much more tactical and a bit dated but still a good collection of things to think about.

  4. Event Sourcing by Martin Fowler

  5. Event Sourcing by arkwright




  1. Idiomatic Kotlin. Best Practices.

  2. Best Practices for Unit Testing in Kotlin